Astral Halogen Mini Dichro 33641


The backyard swimming pool is more than a pool. It has become part of another room to your home. The outdoor room. So why not make your swimming pool a feature both day and night. Spectacular lighting and waterfalls will compliment any outdoor room.



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    Light with chromed brass housing and ABS plastic parts with Stainless steel trim. Without screws, bayonet system on both the trim and the casing. Easy to dismantle using the trim outer as a key to change the lamp. Supplied with 2.5 m cable of 2 x 1.5 mm2. 50 W-12 V aluminised halogen lamp of and 38º opening of 95 lux light beam at 4 m distance with an illuminated circle of 2.5 m. Light easy to install in a bushing with a plain inner diameter. Light supplied without transformer.

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