Emaux ULTP-100 Light


Emaux Underwater Lights are designed for easy installation and with high illuminating power to enhance your night pool atmosphere. For safety reasons, all underwater lights are of low voltage and meet IP68 waterproof standard and include earth joint. Emaux corrosion-resistant plastic light is easy to install with maximum illumination. They are suited for both Gunite and Vinyl pools.



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    Wall-mounted UL-TP Series underwater light allows easy installation in new-built or existing pool without drilling holes on the wall. With smaller octagonal face ring it uses 75W/12V halogen bulb with a long lifespan. Automatically changing mood of the pool or with ease by switching color lens.

    Material: ABS + UV stabilizer
    Cable: 2.5m
    Waterproof: IP68
    Installation: Wall Mounted (Flat type)

    emaux underwater lights ul-tp100 manual