Hayward Pump Housing Parts


Hayward offers a wide variety of replacement parts that provide years of long lasting performance. Genuine Hayward Replacement Parts are available for sale exclusively through authorized dealer. Please refer to the attached spare parts drawings to find your parts no.

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    Pump Housing Parts

    Basket SP-1500 LX, Basket SP-1600 M, Basket SP-2800 M, Basket SP-3000 M, Basket SWX-8100 M, Housing Gasket SP-1580 Z1, Housing Gasket SP-1600 T, Housing Gasket SP-3000 T, Housing Gasket SWX-600 F, Pump Housing SP-1580 AA, Pump Housing SP-1600 AA, Pump Housing SP-1620 AA, Pump Housing SP-3020 AA, Pump Housing SWX-8100 AA, Strainer Cover Gasket SP-125 T, Strainer Cover Gasket SP-1500 P, Strainer Cover Gasket SP-1600 S, Strainer Cover Gasket SP-3000 S, Strainer Cover Gasket SWX-8100 S, Strainer Cover SP-1250 LA, Strainer Cover SP-1500 D2A, Strainer Cover SP-1600 D, Strainer Cover SP-3000 D, Strainer Cover SWX-8100 D, Strainer Housing SP-1500 CAP, Swivel & Knob SP-1600 PN, Union Kits SWX-8100 UNSPAK