Hayward Pump Motor Parts


Hayward offers a wide variety of replacement parts that provide years of long lasting performance. Genuine Hayward Replacement Parts are available for sale exclusively through authorized dealer. Please refer to the attached spare parts drawings to find your parts no.

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    Pump Motor Spare Parts

    Capacitor 161 – 193 MFD, Capacitor 270 – 324 MFD, Capacitor SwimPro, Cooling Fan SAW 48, Cooling Fan SAW 54, Cooling Fan SAW 57, Cooling Fan SCN 512, Governor Switch, Impeller SP-1500 F, Impeller SP-1500 L, Impeller SP-1621 C, Impeller SP-2610 C, Impeller SP-2615 C, Impeller SP-3026 C, Impeller SP-3031 C, Impeller SWX-8137 T, Overload Protector – Large, Overload Protector – Small, Pump Start Switch, Seal Assy SP-1500 KA, Seal Assy SP-1600 VIT, Terminal & Pump Start Switch