Hayward Automatic Skimmers


SkimMaster® and Auto-Skim™ series large capacity concrete pool skimmers offer multiple configurations for plumbing, throat length and cover style in addition to color options to compliment the pool interior and deck finish.

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    Skim Master is a non corrosive, large capacity automatic surface skimmer featuring a round, tamper – proof access cover, self adjusting 8″ weir with stainless steel spring for added strength , dual outlets, and threaded internal connections for pressure testing. In-Ground Skimmers (Concrete)

    Model Pipe Size Cover
    SP 1070 1 1/2″ FIP Round 4 1/2″
    SP 1082 2″ FIP Square 5 1/4″
    SP 1096 1 1/2″ FIP Round 6″
    IM 3400 1 1/2″ FIP Square 6.1″


    Hayward 1096-1070-1082 brochure Hayward 3400 brochure Hayward auto skim manual